An Open Letter to Al-Jazeera from a Muslim living in Prague.

22. 11. 2017 21:21:45
The Crazy and Shameful Reality of Islam and Muslim Leaders in the Czech Republic. Dear Al-Jazeera, Dear Mr. Heijmans, As a Muslim, I am outraged by the lies and the bias both Muslim community leaders, Raed Shaikh and Vladimir Sanka

you interviewed had presented about Czech Republic in your article “Czech Republic's tiny Muslim community subject to hate” published on the 13th of November 2017.

I have been living in this beautiful country for the last 20 years. So, allow me Sir, to tell you about this country, its people, how Muslim community leaders, Imams and some of their most active converts are behaving here and what the Czech people are really reacting against.

Even from an Islamic perspective, it is forbidden to judge a whole nation, because of the behaviour of a man, like Mr. Okamura, who does not at all represent the majority of the Czechs and who they really are. The right questions to ask is what brought him to the political scene? What pushed a tolerant and educated nation to try to ban Islam? Mr. Putin is not the answer.

Muslim leaders and especially their Imams do not hide their contempt for the local culture and do not hesitate to label the locals as non-believers. In reality, once you know the Czechs, you discover that they have more spirituality and honesty than the superficial practice of Islam based on growing beards and wearing long robes. They don ́t have what we Muslims call ‘showing off’.

They are NOT racists and they never were. The Czechs function according to a simple rule: Respect us and we will respect you back. When we first came to the Czech Republic, they were curious about Muslims and very open. I myself made many lectures, they listened, they asked questions and they even applauded. I learned from this country how to listen, how to argue, how not to shout to make myself heard. That is how many of us Muslims argue in the few mosques they allowed us to have. We just shout. The Czechs will not interrupt you. They will let you speak. They don ́t answer too quickly. They think. Most of the time, they won ́t even give you an answer, not because they don‘t have an opinion, but because they know you won ́t understand it.

The Czechs are the least conflicting people. It is almost impossible to see them fighting or hear them honking horns in the streets. A person loses his argument and people stop listening to him, once he starts raising his voice and loses control. This is the country of self-control. The Czechs don ́t often show their feelings, but it does not mean they have none. Most of them are introvert. They cherish their privacy and their independence. They keep their emotional distance, the same is true about the physical one. I learned from them two of their best qualities: detachment and humour.

In fact, the Czechs don ́t get too much emotionally involved when they treat serious problems. You may often hear them summarizing a whole issue in a sarcastic sentence, but it does not mean they are not serious about it. They don ́t act theatrically, they do have stages for that. They are pragmatic people. They don ́t care too much about nice talking. You can ́t fool them easily. They are very sceptical, because history taught them to be so. They are good observers and they look only at deeds. Once they judge you, it is very hard to change their opinion unless you start acting differently. Consider yourself a lucky person if you ever get a second chance in this country.

Many Muslims, especially their representatives, took their tolerance for weakness, their silence for agreement and started criticizing their traditions, indirectly insulting their women, looking down on them, as if they have no morals, because they don ́t look like Muslim women. Most of the Muslims are not active in the Czech society. A good Muslim is mostly isolated between his mosque, his job and his house. A lot of Muslims, especially the Arabs among them, who frequent their clubs (such sinners are called ‘Bad Muslims’ in the mosque) hardly know how to talk or engage in a conversation with the opposite sex. They do not even know the difference between gently flirting and bothering the locals. So they started expelling most of them from their clubs. Why would they make any difference when the “good” Muslims always keep SILENT about their ill-mannered brothers in faith? Have they ever told you, that in this country, in the Muslim mosques, we are practicing prostitution in the name of Allah? Do you know that they marry a second and a third wife (sometimes just for a few weeks) with no real legal contracts that protect those women both in our Muslim countries and here? The Czechs are more honest with themselves. They do have night clubs and they have no need to sanctify their behaviour or such places. They don ́t have all this Islamic traditional codes of chastity. They are not always keeping their daughters under straight control and accompanying them everywhere. They trust their daughters and teach them to be responsible from young age. The entire honour of their family is not based on their virginity, a conception that lead many Muslims in Europe to honour killings. In reality, Muslim parents are the ones to blame, because they brought up their daughters in the wrong cultural environment. The Czech society works on a completely different basis. That said, it does not mean they are not serious when they engage in a relationship. It does not mean either that their families are corrupt, immoral or disintegrated as the Muslim Imams usually love to present them in their sermons. This cliché is NOT true.

Just look at their achievements on so many levels and the only world which is really disintegrating is the Muslim one. We have to wake up. They do have problems like in every society, but their families do work, differently. Imams should rather understand the diversity of human societies, stop judging it, criticizing it and rather show more respect for countries and cultures where no one is forcing Muslims to stay against their own will.

The Czechs do their best to take care of their children and provide them with the best education and institutions to help them grow and overcome different phases of life. They are not ashamed about problems and they try not to hide them or ignore them. Instead, they created different institutions that would be able to treat them and solve them. They have a completely different code of morality, which does not cares only about the appearance, but goes deep under the surface to provide real solutions to the many challenges they are facing on so many levels. Many Muslims are only hurting themselves and their families by living in such complex societies that does not work on a Halal and Haram basis. Here everything is relative and reality is neither white nor black. There is a lot a grey zones Muslims cannot comprehend, because they are not trained to explore them. It does not mean that Muslims should blindly follow the steps of the West, assimilate and lose their identity. It rather means that Muslims should start understanding the different reality they are living inside and stop looking for solutions in medieval teachings spread mostly and unfortunately by middle-eastern orthodox clerics. Teachings and solutions that cannot fit in this reality and are seriously endangering the Czech culture and the legal system. This has nothing to do with racism or islamophobia. It is a serious and existential problem for them and we should stop presenting it that way.

Many different cultures are not considered hostile, on the contrary they do present a source of cultural and spiritual enrichment: Yoga, Tai Chi, Feng Shui...

Let me tell you Mr. Heijmans what other things happened in the name of Islam in this country.

Do you know that a few Czech Muslim girls got abused and the Muslim community kept SILENT? Have you got any idea how incompetent the leaders, the Imams and the people representing Islam in this country are?

Do you know that few Muslims in the mosque played with guns and took pictures with 'Kalashnikov's Automatic Rifle'? Do you know that in their sermons they preached in the Czech language that we have a prophecy to kill all the Jews? “The Hour will not begin until you fight the Jews, until a Jew will hide behind a rock or a tree, and the rock or tree will say: ‘O Muslim, O slave of Allah, here is a Jew behind me; come and kill him”.

This is what the Czechs see in their country. No beautiful innocent Muslim women as in Al Jazeera ́s article.

A prophecy which infuriated not only the Jewish community, but horrified the Czech people as well. May be you are not well informed about the Czech history, 80,000 Czech Jews (85% of the community) were killed in the Shoah.

The Jewish Community was tolerant and did not want to sue all the Muslim community for the foolish behaviour of some of its members and some of its converts.

This Muslim convert pictured above (Lukáš Větrovec) is the founder of one of the biggest Salafist websites in the Czech language propagating the teachings of Ibn Tajmijja and the Wahhabi ideology. The Muslim Community of Prague (MOP) to which belong the respected victims you interviewed Mr. Shaikh and Mr. Sanka don ́t hide their support for this crooked individual and his crooked thinking.

Just few days ago I was infuriated and so were many Czechs, when the members of this organization openly excused and defended the “slight” beating of women in accordance to Quran and Sharia law, quoting from Tabari and Ibn Kathir. This two medieval scholars allow also in their Commentary of the Quran harsh beatings, forced sexual intercourse (we call this rape nowadays) including many allegedly sayings of Prophet Mohamed praising such Muslims who always carry their whip or stick to discipline the rebellious members of their families. “A nation led by woman is cursed by Allah” apparently the Prophet said. I sent an open letter to the president of MOP and asked him how on Earth they defend on their official Facebook page such a thing, quoting from Islamic sources that infringe all EU laws and Human Rights. I asked them to officially condemn all these fallacies, as no one really knows how this tradition came into existence and such sayings completely contradicts the Quranic text. They claimed they did not defend beating and Mohamed had never beaten his wives or slaves, but they refused to discuss the tradition they quoted from, condemn such rules of the Sharia Law that goes against the Czech legal system and they couldn ́t explain the Quranic verse openly speaking about beating.

Like most of the Muslims do, when they are short of arguments, they first treated me as psychologically instable man and asked me openly to leave Islam. For only a traitor or a spy dares to say such a thing. This is how any Muslim ends-up when questioning the concrete and written texts we do actually have.

Imagine now what would be the opinion of a Czech following these kind of discussions, reactions and religious bigotry in country with a constitution that protects the freedom of faith and the freedom of thought without inflecting capital punishment on ‘apostates’?!

Mosques have ceased to be meeting places for spiritual enlightenment. Instead, they have become a meeting place for watching your channel Al-Jazeera to live again and again the bloody conflicts of our motherlands. That only fuelled resentment and filled the hearts with hate to the western society among which we are living. This has contributed a lot to the isolation of many Muslims around the world. What they see are either enemies or conspirators, everywhere.

Mosques have turned to places of condemnation, frustration, self-pity, isolation and protest. Cursing the eternal enemies, Jews and non-believers has become an intrinsic part of a Muslim invocation in his prayer or after it. Demonstrations left the mosque to yell in front of the Israeli Embassy in Prague:” Allah Akbar, remember, remember the killing of Khaybar, O Jews! The army of Mohammed is coming again!” How on Earth do you expect from locals to tolerate listening to such an open hostility, in a country not yet healed from its WWII wounds?

Muslims leaders do not only disregard the Czech foreign policy, but also do not show the slightest effort to behave within the reasonable historical and political limits of the hosting country and its obligations to its strategic allies. A lot of Muslims have no political literacy. They could have used a foreign territory like the Czech Republic as a common ground to engage in peaceful talks.

God forbids, if a Muslim defends a Jew. He is automatically stigmatized as a Zionist or a Mossad agent.

Among the first spiritual teachings a Muslim convert is introduced to is hatred towards the Jews: “Let ́s pray (Muslims) that the state of Israel may be one day destroyed and eliminated, from within or from without, through military force, or revolution or in any way possible, so that emerges in its place a state where the rights of citizens are guaranteed. We Muslims (Mujahidin) will strive to reach that goal till the Day of Judgement.

Many converts change their names to ancient Arabic ones, start living in a delusional and virtual medieval age; an irrevocable process of losing once identity and touch to reality starts.

You know, the Czechs have their own problems and no one is really curious about ours. Some Muslims are carrying inside of them their wars to the heart of this country. Fear is the only natural response to such violent statements. These groups among Muslims do not constitute only a problem in themselves, but a far more dangerous one. They might bring this country back to a dark side of its history it thought it had already overcome. This is not islamophobia. What is at stake is far bigger than that.

The Czechs will be supportive, if these Muslims would be a source of cultural enrichment, a positive driving force in peace talks and promoting cultural integration. That was the deal the Czech government concluded with Muslim immigrants and not to fight their wars.

Among these smart Muslims Mr. Shaikh is talking about are those who orchestrated all the mentioned above. The same group of active smart Muslims who only complain about the western intolerance, racism and discrimination and in the meantime forget to mention that they work in corporations built by the non-believers, in some of which they even provided Muslims with prayer rooms, given them breaks and privileges to pray on time.

The majority of the smart Muslims, Mr. Shaiek is talking about, always kept SILENT towards the irresponsible behaviour of their brothers in faith, and kept SILENT in the face of the Saudi Imams and their Czech converts who brought to this country traditions that are NOT compatible with their way of living and thinking. The Czechs are not inclined to violence and racism.

Most popular Czech Anchor-man and Anchor-woman for years: Lucie Borhyová and Rey Koranteng

Among other things, Muslim Imams are propagating in their Czech websites is that music, drawing and most of what the Czechs consider as an artistic expression are forbidden in Islam!

Question: Music in the background of TV shows

“I know that music is haram. Does this also apply to jingles, for example in TV news? I would also be interested in the position of Islam regarding music (soundtracks) in documents that have halal (lawful, permissible) content or are even educational in Islam or otherwise beneficial to Islam (eg. documents on the current situation of Muslims in the world). If all of the mentioned above is haram (unlawful, forbidden), are there any websites where similar informative or educational information can be found without music? Jazak Allahu khairan.”


“As is rightly mentioned in the question, music is forbidden in Islam (see fatwa about music), which is generally true whether it is intentional listening to music or music in the background of something permissible in Islam. There is no doubt that deliberate listening to music is a bigger sin than watching shows that have background music. However it does not make the music allowed. Nowadays, it's a bit difficult, but that's why the reward - Insha’Allah - will correspond to the effort. As an alternative visit: and other sites.”

This is what Imams and leaders are teaching their kids and other fellow Muslims, in a country renowned for its cultural and musical traditions, where one on three Czechs plays an instrument. Only in Prague they have more than 52 concert halls and every Czech will proudly tell you that you can attend a different concert every week of the year. This is the city to whom Mozart dedicated his world premiere of Don Giovanni in 1787 and called its inhabitants my Praguers!

Prague is the City of Music par excellence, into which a medieval bearded self-righteous Imam comes and tells them that music is Haram!!!

These Imams taught Muslims that it is forbidden not only to attend the local feasts whether religious or mundane, because it is either an act of shirk (polytheism) or simply, because that feast contains elements forbidden in Islam like music, drinking or a mixed society with women according to Muslims dressed inappropriately. Wishing them a Merry Christmas, it is a BIG shirk. Then, tell me the Czechs are racists!

What Muslims Imams and some of their active converts are preaching and teaching is against every notion of common sense or basic human rights this society acknowledges. Not mentioning that a few Muslim convert women were mistreated by their husbands and fellow Muslims. No one defended them and this harsh behaviour lead them to protest against Islam. One of them is on that same picture in your article, Mr. Heijmans

Unfortunately, she is not the Villain, but the she is the Victim.

Mr. Vladimir Sanka and Mr. Raed Shaiek should have mentioned an important detail, they probably forgot. One of the Imams, we ́re talking about was preaching and teaching in that same Islamic Community of Prague (MOP), where Mr. Sanka used to be its managing director and now its secretary. Has he ever mentioned that the Imam of Prague Mr. Shahedeh found an illegal Islamic Court refusing to divorce women who got abused by their husbands and some of which were even drug dealers? Or organizing Islamic camps to alienate Muslims kids from Christmas and Easter ́s bad influences? Then proud of himself, convinced of his truth, he did the right thing, he published their joyful experience with the women ́s faces blurred!

That same imam who sent messages to Muslims warning them not attend a collective Mass with their fellow Christians to demonstrate against terrorism. He argued that the Christian religion is as bad for Muslims as Islam is for Christians! Words of intolerance strongly condemned by the Czech Chief of Diplomacy Lubomír Zaorálek and investigated by the Czech secret services.

Honourable mention goes to a special group of converts known as Sharia4Czechia encouraging Muslims to join the Jihadi groups fighting in Syria against Bachar al-Asad. They even proposed in their vision of Islam in Czech Republic among other things, the intention to create a community living by the sharia rules and which one day will free this country from the signs of shirk (polytheism) by disfiguring the 17th century baroque statues on Charles Bridge, because it is Haram!

Muslims must reject everything that is in contradiction with their faith. They must resist assimilation in non-muslim societies. Assimiliation is the acceptance of fallacy and delusion and polytheism and that is the way that leads to losing faith and ultimately to hell. On the contrary, we have to influence non-muslims and reject the way of living of the non-believers

Sometimes you may also hear in this country a new convert woman defending stoning. She made the headlines of all possible news when she answered the following question:

“How do you look at stoning?

“It is part of Sharia law, which is more than ordinary law for every Muslim. Just as for Christians, the Old and New Testaments are more important. We cannot say that we do not agree with this, because we would deny Sunnah, and the Koran referring to it.”

She said that against her own consciousness and feelings that THIS IS NOT RIGHT, because some Muslims taught her that denying stoning is denying Islam.

Mr. Abbas, one of the many Muslim leaders in the Czech Republic, made the headlines when he openly accused the CIA and Mossad of being behind all the Muslim terrorist attacks, live on the Czech national TV. For him all terrorist attacks are fake news or inside jobs without any solid proof; just repeating the magic formula “someone said”. When you think it can ́t get worse, he added his approval of stoning, but in a very spectacular way. He based his argumentation on Jesus ́s approval of stoning when he said in the New Testament: “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her. “ You cannot really know what puzzled the presenter most: the complete ignorance of the Scriptures or the self-confidence with which his Muslim host was uttering these words. The presenter saved him from more embarrassing himself by moving to another topic with a shy comment “I think Christians understood this particular story in a slightly different way.” At the end of the TV debate, Mr. Abbas even tried to convert the presenter on air, an attempt that made him burst into laughter and just shook his hand.

Let ́s talk about Mr. President, Muneeb Hassan Alrawi. President of the Muslim Associations in Czech Republic (including MOP). His blessed lips uttered so many incredible statements that made him and the Muslim community become the object of disdain and ridicule. “You should teach Muslim children to hate disbelief (non-believers) and beat them if they don’t pray!”

In his defence for the Saudi women keeping their black Niqab when visiting a country of top-models, and which is more concerned about its security and identity theft, he answered: “Asking a Muslim woman to take off her Niqab and not to cover her face, it is as if asking by law a motorcyclist to drive without his black helmet!

A simile no Czech linguist has succeeded to decipher, yet.

Recently we had some burkini issues, too. Since there are no endless sandy beaches in this country, there are swimming pools almost everywhere, with strong internal rules as far as hygiene and clothing are concerned. If a local who does not respect them, he is immediately banished from the place. To the amazement of the whole country, few Muslim women ended up in their pools either with burkinies or normal Islamic Hijab, naturally against all the rules they had so far. In other words, the Czechs have nothing against Islam or Allah and honestly, they won ́t even care if your God is from planet Krypton. They live according to a sacred rule: Live and let Live, but what they don ́t understand is:


The rules were made by the locals to reach a form of organization they consider as ORDER and the only thing Muslims are bringing to their country is CHAOS.

The Kalashnikov Salafi “scholar”, after presenting the Sharia point of view, which forbids Muslim women to mix with naked non-Muslims with or without a burkini, proposed the following solutions:

  • Build your own pool or build it with other sisters without leaving the safety of your houses. That is the least dangerous, the purest way and the most loved by Allah
  • Rent a public pool with other sisters for one or two hours a week
  • Accompanied by a mahram (a husband) a Muslim woman can go into open nature where she could find an unlimited number of isolated lakes far from the gaze of vacationers and swimmers and no one will bother her in her burkini

As you may notice, for the sake of isolating the Muslim woman from her European natural environment, an isolated lake in deep forest, has become as safe as a pool in her house. Then, good luck if you want still to convince the locals how Islam freed the woman. This salafi-wise solution ignored the fact that this country is full of hunters, which some of whom might mistake our burkini sister for a game bird. Worst case, she might be devoured by a bear or a wolf, and a mahram (husband) in such a situation is of no avail, lest we will have new headlines: “First martyred burkini sister”.

This what you will most probably see when you go to the Czech Aqua Parks

This is a Lie about the Burkinies (Nothing to do with modesty in Islam, after all, hardly can anyone take his eyes off from this Muslim beauty forgetting the burka and fancying about the bikini).

Welcome to the Muslim Reality in Czech Swimming Pools

Muslim leaders in this country have a penchant for not abiding by the law. They either infringe it, manipulate it or simply never heard of it. Take for instance the case of a very pious man with Saudi-Kuwaiti origins. He got a license to open a language school. Soon he bought some other parcels and he transformed that language school into a fully equipped mosque. Does it bother any Muslim? On the contrary, may Allah bless his efforts, they say. Does Islam forbid treachery in contracts? Yes, it does. Does Allah accept good deeds coming from suspicious sources? No, he doesn ́t.

To avoid criticism and investigations by local authorities, he tends to invite politicians and cooperate with all sort of organizations, especially with those who straightforwardly go against Islam and the Sharia law itself. His main partner is an organization that mainly supports LGBT groups. They even advertised his organization as an Islamic cultural centre in Pink colours! (To my limited knowledge, green is supposed to be the colour of Islam in orthodox countries)

That sharia, especially in those countries, condemns LGBT and the only sentence is death, apparently does not bother either of the two organizations.

This is just a glimpse of a long list of practices increasing only hatred and not tolerance within a Czech society who sees Muslims, on a daily basis, abusing its democratic rules to establish undemocratic values.

Speaking about the refugees, it is NOT TRUE, that the Czechs did not want to help. They have already helped on many occasions and they are still helping in the reconstruction of some Muslim countries devastated by wars by technical expertise, medicine and several humanitarian programs.

A couple of years ago, two Somali girls ended up in Czech Republic with no permit to stay. The Czech government accepted them and offered them the possibility to join a medical high school with strict rules. When these two girls were informed that they cannot wear the Islamic Hijab in accordance with the school ́s internal rules, they sued the school director for discrimination, dragged her into courts and asked for a sixty thousand Czech Crowns (2350 EUR) in compensation! How the hell can you understand that! Czech people have a saying “za dobrotu na žebrotu” - “no good deed goes unpunished”.

So, still puzzled why they don ́t want to have refugees or immigrants from Muslim countries?

As I have already mentioned, the Czechs are very pragmatic and practical people and they have become well aware that Islam in its strict interpretation prohibits all forms of integration with the non-believers. Muslims cannot and must not resemble non-believers in any way. What the Czechs don ́t get is: why Muslims want to torture themselves, their children and the host country when they have such an antagonist attitude to westerners? Why do they want to live among the non-believers? Why do Muslims want to expose themselves and their children to so many temptations, when Allah in the Quran and Sharia orders Muslims to migrate from the land of the non-believer to the land of the believers? They don ́t understand this confusion. What they want to hear from the many Muslims and their leaders who encourage them not to integrate is a clear stand. If your God is so important, go back to your Muslim lands and practice Islam in its purity. If you want to remain among us, be truthful to yourself, you have already sold your God for money. So don ́t play the good and orthodox Muslim when you are eating from the hands of those you call Kafirs (non-believers). This group of Muslims have to make a choice. The Czechs have already made their choice.

Asking someone to make a decision is not a racism, but it is treating him as an adult accountable for his deeds and his choices.

After all, why are Muslims keeping their refugee brothers in Islam in camps, in the desert, and they want from the “the infidels” to show more mercy and hospitality more so than the Muslims themselves? Where have they gone the fairy tales about the Muslim brotherhood and hospitality?

(In such a situation the Czechs would exclaim Subhan Allah! What is wrong with you Muslims! But, because they have a Christian tradition they exclaim as follow: Jesus! They may add Christ or Mary! But only when they are really pissed off. Soon they will start uttering all Jesus ́s lineage.)

They just don ́t get it.

The real reason why they don ́t want to have Muslim refugees is not, because they don ́t know Islam and Muslims, but because they know them too well and they are fed up with a silent Muslim majority a very active conservative minority always imposing its conditions and asking for never ending exceptions. How will you manage someone whose faith and especially his tradition (Sunna) is teaching him not to integrate and yet at the same time he doesn’t t want to leave?

This is what a group of converts “Islamic Call” bred by the Saudi orthodox Imams or influenced by their hundreds of Q&A websites wrote concerning Christmas and non-Islamic festivities. (Note the pink logo: BE HATE FREE)

Participation and preparations for pagan (non-Islamic) holidays is a sin *. Let us remind ourselves that the Prophet of God said, "Whoever imitates a people becomes one them." Thus, Muslims are forbidden to imitate unbelievers and to organize feasts and parties for such occasions, exchange gifts, give away sweets, take leave at work, etc. None of the Muslims are not allowed to take part in the celebration of Christians (Jews, Hindus, pagans, or atheists celebrating non-Islamic feasts) because they are part of their and a sign of their crooked religion and their non-Islamic identity... Even a congratulation to pagan (non-Islamic) feasts is a sin *. To wish to disbelievers to their holidays, such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, Saint Nicholas, etc. is forbidden. As Ibn Qajjim states in his book, Ahkam Ahl ad-Dhimma: "All scholars agree, that wishing the unbelievers to their religious manifestations is forbidden”. If a Muslim is part of a non-Muslim family, some scholars allow them to take part in family affairs associated with non-Muslim holidays, but it is forbidden to participate in acts of worship with them, give them gifts on that particular holiday and he must not congratulate them... That is why it is necessary if God allows, to explain these principles to our Muslim children in advance before they are contaminated by the local environment, the kindergartens and other schools. Here we clearly see the importance of Islamic upbringing of children right from birth. Ensuring that they accept the pattern of the Prophet Muhammad, the best of the people, not what they can see on TV, in schools, etc. It is important to create conditions, whether children are in a good Islamic environment from an early age, when separation of boys from girls occurs gradually and by age. Therefore. They become immune to such diseases of the heart and to fake ideologies and other bad influences from TV, the Internet, non-Muslim friends, or go to non-Islamic state schools. The child gains pride in being a bearer of the message of Islam at pre-school age...”

Moreover, in that same book Ahkam Ahl ad-Dhimma Abou Huraira narrated, that the Prophet said "Do not greet the Jews and the Christians before they greet you and when you meet any one of them on the roads force him to go to the narrowest part of it"!!!

It is strange that these groups of Muslims and their leaders complain about racism, hate and islamophobia! I have never met in my life more racist, more phobic to everything and more hateful to people, to other religions, cultures and traditions than this tiny and wronged minority of Muslims in the Czech Republic.

These groups of Muslims are driving the Czech people crazy...

To say it bluntly, Mr. Heijmans:”


Mr. Sanka and Mr. Raed Shaiek hid the following facts in their false testimony about Czech Republic and its capital city. Prague revealed as the best value European city break for culture, history and sightseeing. The Institute for Economics and Peace ranked it 6th among the eleven countries with the highest level of safety. In the largest expat survey worldwide Czech Republic ranked as 7th for its quality-of-life, surpassing Finland, Germany, New Zealand, Switzerland, and Canada. Taiwan finished first. The Czech Republic was praised for its good health care for children and high-quality and affordable education. In travel and transport Czech Republic is placed 4th in the world. It is not the right country for Salafist, Closed-Minded, Ungrateful and Disloyal Muslims. That ́s all.

This is the real image of Czech Republic – A country where they take their children to school nature activities to develop their attachment to Nature. They are tolerant to all religions, and to all minority groups who are well integrated (except two groups who refuse to integrate). They don ́t have teachings that instruct them not to greet non-believers and not to participate in their festivities and share with them food and joy. They don ́t call such a thing Shirk, they call it Life. They don ́t have teachings that instruct them to humiliate their wives and “slightly” beat them even with a “miswák” (a teeth cleaning twig) in case they are disobedient or refuse sexual intercourse. They consider such an act as a crime against a woman ́s dignity and an act of sexual violence. They don ́t have such a rule where music and artistic expressions are Haram. On the contrary, they breathe culture, they talk literature and love theatre. They don ́t understand why most Muslims have no sense of humour nor they do understand why everything offends them. They don ́t separate men from women, because they are not sexually frustrated. They don ́t bother beautiful women on the streets, because they learned from childhood to love beauty, appreciate it and not to fear it and oppress it. They don ́t have obscene staring eyes, most of the time they stare at their books on tramways and in subways to and from work. They respect people who respect themselves. They are grown-ups and they expect from adults to know their responsibilities. It is not the perfect society, but it is much better than the one we have. But, it is a very tough school where you have to work hard first and then ask for benefits.

They have the right to say NO to what you see below. As a Muslim, I don ́t want it either. It will ruin their culture. They have the right to defend it without being coined racist or islamophobes.

Mr. Okamura is only the logical result of how Muslims are behaving not only in this country, but in most European countries.

I, a Muslim myself, wrote in the Czech language two Open Letters facing Mr. Okamura, to refute his claims about Islam being a form of Fascism and Nazism, through comparing the mechanisms of Fascism with the mechanisms of Islam, but without insulting a whole nation. Guess what the Czechs did for my letters? They published them in the first page of one of their biggest newspapers, shared them on their Facebook profiles, because it was a hope that they would save their own culture in a peaceful way without having recourse to someone like Mr. Okamura. They first know how dangerous he is for their democratic system. But the misery is that they started considering him less dangerous than Muslims. The Czechs even defended me against their own people when I was criticized for my writings elucidating some misunderstood Islamic concepts from a historical and etymological perspective. I remember reading about such a fairness in attitude coming from people not sharing your belief, but unfortunately only in Islamic history books.

Muslim leaders in Prague and most of their converts refused to publish anything, I wrote defending Islam, because I once criticized them. There lies the sole difference between the Czechs and them.

I know personally both Mr. Sanka and Mr. Raed Shaiek. Here is the reaction of one his friend, a Business Program Manager at IBM, after reading your article about the Czech Republic.

Dear educated, ungrateful and DISLOYAL Muslims to the country who trusted you and accepted you among their own, just go back to your motherlands from which you fled and build a civilization better than the Western one, you so much despise. Dissatisfied converts may follow you and help you built such a civilization based on Tolerance, Freedom of Faith, True Equality between Men and Women. A civilization based on Social Justice, Fair Political Representation, Strong Economy and a diversified Culture. This small country of the Czech Republic has got more libraries than the US and publishes more books that the whole Islamic World altogether. Let these smart Muslims build a civilization based on FREEDOM OF THOUGHT without being accused of Apostasy whenever you have a different opinion.

Only then, and only then, you can point fingers at others.

“Mirror Mirror on the Wall! People are mirrors and we have to learn to recognize ourselves in other people. Everything and everyone is your mirror.” Not everything is islamophobia and not everything is racism. We should rather start as Muslims questioning ourselves what we are doing WRONG and why we are such a BAD REFLECTION.

“It is only when, WE as Muslims, understand what it truly means to see yourself reflected back at you, that there is no room for blame, there is no room for judgement and there is no room to feel like a victim of another person's actions or words”.

And as Allah said in the Quran, don ́t look for an answer outside, but look for it inside yourself and stop blaming others for:

Whatever good, (O man!) happens to you, is from Allah; but whatever evil happens to you, is from yourself, and We have sent you Mohammed as a messenger to instruct mankind. And enough is Allah for a witness.” Quran 4:79 Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves.” Quran 13:11

I felt obliged to write this testimony, since it is my duty as a Muslim, to tell the truth even if it testifies against me. More than once you called me a “Kafir”, because of my opinions. So allow me, my brothers in faith, to explain what this word really means in the Arabic language and in the Quranic context. It does not mean a non-believer or an infidel. The Arabic root “kafara” means to intentionally hide and deny a known truth and to be ungrateful and not thankful to the one who gives whether, He is the Creator or just a simple person. Prophet Mohamed used to say “Who is not thankful to people is not thankful to Allah either”

Subhan Allah, what ́s wrong with many Muslims in this country? Who is behaving like a true “Kafir”!

O you who have believed, be persistently standing firm in justice, witnesses for Allah, even if it be against yourselves or parents and relatives. Whether one is rich or poor, Allah is more worthy of both. So follow not personal inclination, lest you not be just. And if you distort your testimony or refuse to give it, then indeed Allah is ever, with what you do, Acquainted.” Quran 4: 135

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